Assisted Living

Nurturing and Safe Environment

Supportive and intimate environment

Give your loved one the opportunity to live comfortably and enjoy their own daily routine, with the confidence of safety and support through assisted living. At Bishop John E. Knight Home & Mission each resident is celebrated, cherished and connected.

During this time of transition, we make every effort to ease your loved one into a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle, offering individually tailored personal care options to perfectly suit their needs and preferences. Their plans, interests and goals are our priority, and we’re ready to do everything we can to help them live life to the fullest.

From simple housekeeping and nutritious meals to hygiene and healthcare, we strive to enable our residents to lead their own lives in a way that keeps them happy, healthy and cared for.

Life at Bishop John E. Knight Home & Mission is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter, full of friendships, activities and a way of life created to enrich the lives of others. Residents are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of our social activities and live an enriching life they deserve, without the obligation to keep up with chores or burdensome household tasks.

Amenities & Services:

Spacious shared suites 

Spacious, modern and easily accessible shared bathrooms

Highly trained and compassionate staff 24/7

On-call General Physician inclusive of annual physical

Three delicious, well-balanced meals as well as snacks available throughout the day

Daily housekeeping and laundry

Spacious beautifully decorated common areas and landscaped outdoor areas

Personalized care plan based on individual needs

Medication management or supervision

Tailored programs and activities for daily physical fitness, creative, social, learning and spiritual opportunities

We honour and celebrate the elderly.

Additional Fees will be applied for purchase of specific medication and specialized services such as physiotherapy, eye care, dental and foot care for diabetics

All prices are in Eastern Caribbean Dollars.

One month’s deposit is required prior to taking up residency in the facility.

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